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Welcome to the new Holyzone Site. As you can see, this site is not ready built at the moment but will be soon. Please remember the link Holywarequipment.com , the bplaced site will be offline soon. Feel free to leave me an E-Mail if you want to report a bug, give feedback, ideas or just have an question! Furthermore I could use some help for the properties of the items so feel free to contact me on contact@holywarequipment.com

If you want to keep this site alive and support me, feel free to donate some money. Keep in mind I am paying for the webhosting, the domain, and with my work for keeping this site updated. If enough people donate I am going to delete the ads on the site again, let´s be honest, nobody likes Ads :-) Have a nice day! Da für das Betreiben der Internetseite Kosten anfallen und das ganze auch Zeit kostet würde ich mich sehr über eine Spende freuen, damit ich keine Werbung einbinden muss

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Willkommen !!!

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